How to Commission a Portrait



should be more than a painting on the wall; it should be an experience you’ll remember and enjoy every time you look at this wonderful work of art that you have commissioned.

From the beginning, my goal is to help you enjoy being painted and to ease any discomfort you may feel in being the center of attention.

We begin

with a meeting for an hour in my studio or in your home to discuss the details of planning ahead for a perfect portrait such as:

  • Size and materials that I will use in painting,
  • A sense of formality or informality that you want to convey,
  • What to wear,
  • The right look you may want to portray, expression and pose,
  • Backgrounds, props and settings,
  • Any and all questions that you may have about the process.
During the first meeting

or at a second one hour session, I develop references from a photographic session and sketch sources for later work in my studio stage of work.

Next I move into the studio

to complete the majority of the painting from my references, further sittings and sketches. You are always welcomed to visit the studio during this painting time, and appointments are encouraged.

Finally, I do prefer another sitting

a one hour sitting in my studio as a last step to complete the painting and to receive your critique. We will discuss drying times, varnishing, framing options, shipping and unveiling.

The portrait you have commissioned

is only finished when you are completely satisfied that I have captured both an excellent likeness and the true spirit you wish to convey.

Please call Rob at 216-403-2734 to discuss your needs and the schedule of prices which range from $750 to $20,000.

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