Robert Hartshorn

Owner, Hartshorn Studios & Principal Artist

ROBERT HARTSHORN is a fourth generation artist who, after five decades of painting, found his home in portraiture and figurative painting.

An avid proponent of chiaroscuro, Robert explores the evocative beauty of light playing over the human figure. His use of austere form and negative space has evoked narrative such as “academic with a modernist twist” and “minimalist”, but the artist hopes that people view his work as a simple expression of beauty without the need for further interpretation.


Oil on linen is his medium. Extensive “old-masters” glazing is his method. His palette is extremely spare but complete enough to explore endless nuances of gestures. Robert works with untrained live models for inspiration.

I look for subjects who can tell their story in the subtle expressions of their body…an inner emotion revealed in an outer form.Robert Hartshorn


Robert has teamed up with Blazing Editions to share his artwork throughout North America. His current selection of life size figural artwork can be viewed at select galleries including Off The Wall Art (Houston, TX), Liss Gallery (Toronto) and Malton Gallery (Cincinnati, OH). His masterful paintings have been featured in museums, studios and private collections from New York to London to Beijing.