Lila Rose Kole

Lila Rose Kole

LILA ROSE KOLE is a painter-poet whose impact may seem at once abrupt and inspiringly sudden.

There is ever an inclination to describe a young artist as “emerging”, but in referring to Lila one would be a bit late in the naming. Lila has always moved through life in a lyrical fashion, instinctively drawn toward novel thresholds. She embodies a rare poesis. Whether through her painting, photography, verse, or scholarship, she is compelled by uniquely textured landscapes, both literally and spiritually. This innate visceral sensitivity and visual acuity, has fostered an artist of ceaseless inquiry; an artist driven toward subtle nuance within her creative process.


Ever since her earliest years, Lila has been eager to explore myriad modes of creating, including her first studio recording at age 5 and first publication, age 6. It seems she was born with a capacity to inhabit and be inhabited by a “Sense of Place”. She is facile in her dance between the intricate observing of minutia, as well as an ease of embracing the contours of a vaster swath of living – visionary realms sorely disregarded in our culture.


Lila has always had a flare for coloration and luminosity; a unique and often surprising admixture of shading and contrast; bold and muted. This intrepid aspect of her creative spirit expresses itself in everything from her dress, to her decisive movements on canvas, with a camera, and through spoken and written word. Lila’s inventive, often fearless journey into the creative process, unfurls the singular artist she has become.


Now graduated from Marlboro College in Vermont. Now embedded in Cleveland’s art culture. Now Gallery Manager at Hartshorn Studios in the Tremont Arts District. Now unveiling a selection of new works on March 14, 2014 at solo Cleveland debut, “Against the Dying of the Light: Lightscapes”.






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