How to be an Efficient Painter

Lila by Dan MorganBesides being a terrible procrastinator, my worst enemy is inefficiency. There are thousands of interruptions, other priorities and preparations that get in the way of painting. My meaning-making mind is always telling me that I have to “earn” my time at the easel.

Enter Lila (as in Lila Kole-Berlingieri), the Gallery Manager at Hartshorn Studios. Last year she was a summer intern in painting and curating from Marlboro College in Vermont and returned full time in June.

Perhaps you have been more aware of us on social media lately. Thank Lila. Perhaps you have seen a more welcoming ambience at our gallery in the Tremont Arts District. Thank Lila. Or perhaps you have found more paintings on more walls and more going out the door with happier customers. Thank Lila. She lets me paint.

Artists need to work with other artists for many reasons. But if you want to paint better, faster and with greater creative satisfaction, find yourself a Lila. The art world’s best kept secret is out!