I’m ready..Can’t wait to get back to painting

Training is over.  I rode 85 miles yesterday from Brecksville to Avon Lake and back..so I’m readyfor the next 545 miles. But I’m past that too, mentally. Past recovering on the beach in Santa Monica, past Lakeside for the Schuchart Family Reunion. Past everything good and bad until I turn the key in the lock at the studio.

There are 3 new portraits waiting to be painted, ..and images, both abstract and realist,  keep running around my brain and need to get onto a canvas.

Early and long hours in the studio are the only cure.

My reading for the trip to California – “I’d Rather Be In The Studio”, by Alyson B. Stanfield, ArtBizCoach

My new energy music for the ride – Rob Dougan – album: “Furious Angels”