Welcome to the Studios of Rob Hartshorn

Portrait Painter

Rob Hartshorn  is a master portrait artist and an award winning painter of luminous figures. Rob is a fourth generation artist and teacher and is nationally recognized for his commissioned portraits of prominent men, women, children and families in oil and pastel.

Please visit the Galleries to view some of Rob’s favorite commissioned portraits:

men's portrait, portrait of a man,
  Portraits of Men
  Portraits of Women
  Portraits of Children
  Paintings of the Figure
Abstract Artist

When its time to loosen up and feel the paint, Rob turns to the freedom of acrylic paints. Acrylic paints, gel mediums and fast drying times lend themselves to the spontaneity and pure expression of abstract painting. It may be a moment of release from the technical “Old Masters” demands of oil painting, but the luminous compositions that result from swinging 180 degrees away from realism bring their own rewards.

Enjoy Rob’s gallery of abstract paintings below:

Gallery Owner
Rob Hartshorn Studio & Gallery is located at 2342 Professor Avenue in the Historic Tremont neighborhood near Downtown Cleveland. In addition to showing his own work, Rob represents the Abstract paintings of Lila Rose Kole and of Peter Hartshorn, the Sculpture of Fred Gearhart, the Artwork of David Adshade, and the Lighting of Ken Love. Gallery Hours are M-Th 10:30 am -6:00 pm, Fri 10:30-9:00, Sat 11:00-5. Or by Appointment.

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